Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I took the step yesterday (no pun intended) and changed the name of this blog. I even tried my hand at a fancy new header, which I think turned out alright. (No, that's not my actual footprint, although I did just have a foot scan the other day.)

The name change was something I'd been considering for a while. My 'jog blog,' as a co-worker called it, seemed to have become much more than just a blog about running.

Disney 13.1 seems like something from another lifetime.

What started out as a way to chronicle my progress toward running my first half marathon seems to have gone in a new direction and touched on the ways that my life has changed since joining Team In Training.

I don't attribute all of the changes to taking up running, but I do think that running has helped me focus on me and the solitary hours on the road have really given me time to think about where I want to be in life, eventually.

I'm surely not saying I'm even close to having the answers, but step by step I'm getting closer.


  1. I like the new name and format. Your runnung is like when Dad swims. He says it is his stress reliever and a time to just think without phones, email and other interruptions. I think you are a lot closer to figuring out the path you want/need to take than you realize. I enjoyed dinner last night. Love Mom.

  2. Wow, "jog blog" is awesome. Your co-worker must be really, really smart. Wicked smart. Good luck w/ Maine.


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