Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give Me A Break, Mother Nature...

It's only about three weeks until the Hampton Half Marathon.

And I can only hope that the next three weeks of weather are better than the last three.

This winter has been brutal for an outdoor runner. It seems like every time I'm ready to go out for a run, I'm facing another snowstorm, ice storm or record-breaking temperature.

I tried my best to stick to some sort of training schedule, keeping my goal finish time in the back of my mind, but I've really been thrown off track.

I've expanded my cross training activities, including a shot at a few spin classes, and even resorted to running 9 miles on the DREADmill the other day. Yes, 9 long miles.

It was a new record for me - and not one I have any interest in trying to break anytime soon.

Hopefully the warmer temps (yes, 20-something degrees actually seems warm these days) will get me back into the groove and help me cross the finish line next month.

And I no longer care how long it takes me to finish the 13.1 miles -- unless it's below-zero. Then I definitely don't want to be out there for any longer than I have to.

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