Friday, February 26, 2010

17.42 To 100

I finally logged my first miles of the week last night. Yes, on Thursday.

It's unusual, lately at least, for me to take three consecutive days off from running - but a head/chest cold had me down for the count earlier in the week and I've been juggling a steady stream of evening commitments and all-around stressful work events this week.

Just excuses, really. But sometimes, life gets in the way.

Even with my low mileage week - which sits at only 4 miles so far - I'm well on my way to meeting my 100-mile goal for the month. Although I've kept my monthly mileage up since the marathon, I don't think I've had a 100-mile month since November. (And 26.2 of those, more than a quarter of the miles, came on one day.)

I signed up for the "100 Miles in February" challenge as a way to keep me personally motivated to focus on some decent long runs (although the impending half-marathon on my calendar should have been enough to do that).

More importantly, the 100 Mile Challenge would make me focus on mid-week runs - the runs that are harder to squeeze in than any of the long weekend runs. You know, the ones that mean waking up early or pushing dinner until later to get a run in.

Last night's run puts me at 82.58 miles for the month. Just 17.42 to go.

The Hyannis Half on Sunday will eat up 13.1 of those. So essentially, I've got 4.32 miles to run either today or tomorrow.

No problem.

Team practice on Saturday - a perfect opportunity to get in those miles. In fact, one of my "mentees" (gotta be a better word than that), Matt, pledged to run the 4.32 with me after I logged my "17.42 to 100" run on my Daily Mile profile last night. (Hey - aren't I supposed to be inspiring and helping him?)

It goes without saying that the support of Daily Milers is incredible - perfect strangers eagerly jumping in to encourage, pledge miles and, in the case of Matt, actually run them with me.

I'll be thinking of them as I hit that 100-mile mark - which, if all goes as planned, will come just as I'm crossing the Finish Line in Hyannis on Sunday.

If I'm doing that anywhere around the 2:05 mark (which would give me a new PR), I'll be thrilled and ready to celebrate.

And most likely thinking about my next challenge.



  1. Glad to be of service--we're all in this together! (Incidentally, I'm .06 miles away from 100 miles total - run, bike, elliptical - for the month, so you'll help me get there as well!)

  2. I'll run 4.32 with you virtually on Saturday!


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