Sunday, November 21, 2010

Million Dollar Miles

The Team in Training Boston Marathon team doesn't kick-off for another two weeks. But we've already raised $38,000.

I was impressed when I received that news in a team e-mail earlier this week. What impressed me more, however, was the overall team goal.

Our team, about 140 of us, is challenged with raising $1 million. If we do it - and we will, right? - we will be the first TNT Boston Marathon team to do it. I've been told a team came painfully close a few years ago when they reached $990,000.

I haven't yet met any of my Boston teammates. Unfortunately work obligations and my brother's out-of-the-country wedding force me (or will force me) to miss the team social, first team clinic and the kick-off run.

Even though I don't know any of the 140 people I'll be running with during my long training runs, I can already tell that they'll be as motivated and positive as everyone else I've met whose been associated with TNT.

The leaderboard report in last week's team email that listed the team's top five fundraisers to date was impressive - totals in the thousands two weeks before the program even starts.

The team leader is already over $5,000 - more than my entire fundraising goal - and I've been told he's pledged to raise $26,200 by the time we reach the starting line in April.

On Saturday, I attended in a TNT alumni run in Manchester where I had the chance to meet up with teammates from the fall team and run with a few people in the midst of training and fundraising for their first TNT event.

The support, the laughs, the smiles all reminded me of why I do this. When you have a fun, supportive team helping you achieve your running goals, you become energized and more enthusiastic about the prospect of asking for money.

The money, of course, goes to support research for leukemia and other blood cancers. One of the things I particuarly like about the fundraising aspect is that the money I raise during my Boston adventure will provide direct support for families dealing with blood cancers.

It will cover not only the research - the intangible goal of finding a cure or better treatments in the future - it will also provide services to affected families right now.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society provides assistance to families trying to navigate insurance issues, helps with co-pays, offers a myriad of support options - for patients and caregivers - and a whole list of educational programs and materials.

I'm excited and proud to know my Boston team - and its $1 million - will be part of this. My $4,000 doesn't seem like much, but together our team will make a difference - and make history.

**REMEMBER, I'm running the Boston Marathon to save lives!**
Please visit my fundraising page to support me and a good cause - and learn about the inspiration I find in a special little boy: Thank you for your support!


  1. Awesome Teresa! I'm running Boston again this year with Children's Hospital "Miles for Miracles" team! See you out on the course on our training runs!

  2. A dollar for every mile! See you in Hopkinton!


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