Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's THIS Sunday?

Last night Jamie and I finally connected, after a few weeks of phone tag and text messages. Did I want to meet her at the gym to run, she asked.

Couldn't because of some scheduling conflicts, I said, but hopefully we'd get to run soon.

Then I asked her if she was ready for Sunday's race -- another half marathon she signed up for a few months ago. I agreed to run it with her.

It's this Sunday?? Apparently Jamie thought we had a few more weeks to train.

The thought of running another half marathon so soon after my Disney run was a little daunting. I hadn't really run much, but seeing the Hampton Half on my calendar made me step up my training a bit in the past week or so. At the TnT Informational Night last week, Dave said I'd probably be fine if I did one long run this weekend.

Thanks to my new favorite website (www.mapmyrun.com), I was able to find a nice 9-mile route around the lake by my house.

It was a relatively nice day for a long run, despite the coating of ice that had been dumped on us the night before. With temps in the 40s, the ice was melting -- making for a messy run through puddles and sand used to coat the roads.

I'd never run that far without the team. Rebel, my four-legged trusty running partner, enjoyed the challenge and completed the whole run. (Congrats to Rebs for running farther than he ever has -- with energy to spare. He slept briefly while I showered, but then was ready to play ball shortly after our run.)

Hearing the words of Dave and Coach Jack, I made sure to eat well and hydrate before the run. I strapped on my fuel belt and put a GU in my pocket. And the 9 miles passed relatively easily.

Yep, I'm ready for Sunday's Hampton Half ... if Jamie is.

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