Friday, June 12, 2009

Lake Placid, Here We Come...

I almost can't believe yet another season of TnT training is over.

Bright and early tomorrow morning, the team will make its way to Lake Placid, NY, to culminate the season's training that began in February.

I remember the anticipation that I felt as I boarded the plane for my first half-marathon in Disney last year. I was super-prepared, of course, with my running clothes properly tested and planned. Still, our longest training run had only been 10 miles and I couldn't help but wonder what the other 3.1 miles would be like.

I felt the slightest fear of the unknown. Turns out, just like Coach Jack had told us, I didn't even notice the extra mileage.

I wonder if our newest team members, about to embark on their first half-marathon, have the same sense of anxious anticipation.

They've paid their dues, running their miles in the snow, the rain and the heat -- and have nothing to worry about.

Sunday's 13.1 will be my eighth half-marathon. (Wow, I never thought I'd say that.)

I no longer have those lingering thoughts about what the miles will feel like (although the course elevation graphs I've seen make me a little nervous about the final miles). In fact, as I write this, it's 9:30 p.m., the night before I leave for the team trip -- and I haven't packed a thing.

Don't worry, everything's either laid out, on a list or mentally planned.

Going against all of Coach Jack's advice, today I even purchased new socks and a new belt to carry my GU. Nothing new on Race Day, Coach says. (In my defense, I ran with the new belt tonight to try it out and will bring my old-standby socks, just in case.) .

I'm looking forward to sharing a weekend of celebration with the team, helping them to recognize the accomplishment of doing something that they probably thought was impossible just a few short months ago.

And a few post-race rounds of karoke should add to the spirit of the weekend... Go Team!


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