Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running Day

Today is National Running Day. And I have no plans to run. At all. Not one step.

Do I feel like I should run? You betcha!

Why? Just because someone, somewhere decided today is National Running Day.

I'm a sucker for these things. I also rode my bike to work on National Bike To Work Day, dug through my closet for something to wear to the White out the Whit game, dressed up as everything and anything to align with the theme for our college parties. There are countless other examples.

For once, I'm not going to follow the pack. I'm not going to run on National Running Day.

To tell the truth, I hadn't planned a run today. The forecast called for rain, so I planned my schedule around the weather and decided I'd skip today. Of course, Mother Nature has a mind of her own and it turned out to be a beautiful day, which has sparked my urge to put on my sneakers for a quick run.

But I'm not going to do it.

When I was a kid, I used to ask my parents on Mother's Day or Father's Day why there wasn't a "Kid's Day"... their response was typical, like every parent: Every day is Kid's Day.

I'm using the same logic here. Every day is Running Day. Almost. Not today.


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