Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September Stats

I can't believe it's already October and less than a month from Marathon Day. My once-blank training chart on my fridge is filling up. I took a few moments to tally up this month's numbers.

Honestly, was feeling like I've slacked a bit this past month. Despite the fact that I tallied some decent miles from long runs, the mid-week runs are becoming a challenge -- Mother Nature steals away the daylight earlier and earlier these days. It's also becoming nearly impossible to get any miles in on the bike. It makes me wonder how anyone trains for the Boston Marathon during the winter's harshest months.

The goal for this month will be to fit in some more cross-training, even if it has to be indoors. Perhaps even some runs on the Dreadmill.

Three months down, one to go. Here's how September's numbers shook out:
  • 97 miles of running
  • 21 miles on the bike
  • Other cross training: 10 hours of horseback riding and one lone hour of spin class

Total marathon training miles:
  • 281 miles of running
  • 307 on the bike


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