Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back On My Feet ... Sort Of

After a two-day hiatus from running, I decided this morning to lace up my sneakers and try to get a quick 3 miles done before work.

I felt pretty good at first. My knee didn't bother me. And, Rebel was surely happy to get out for a run.

I made careful note of all the potential obstacles along the road -- broken pavement, loose gravel, branches, fallen pine needles and a host of things I wasn't worried about falling over before Sunday's mishap.

This morning's run was much slower than previous runs. I could tell because Rebel was far ahead of me. He usually runs right beside me and lags behind by the end of the run. I kept the pace slow and steady.

Most of the fallout (no pun intended) from my injuries on Sunday seemed to be surface injuries -- lots of scratches and road rash on my knee and shoulder. I've kept them bandaged up and gobbed Neosporin on the cuts to help heal. My knee was a bit swollen and is starting to bruise.

Somewhere after Mile 2 this morning, I noticed a bit more throbbing in my knee -- more than a surface scratch. Around Mile 2.5, I could feel myself favoring my right leg and starting to limp.

I decided to call it quits and walk the rest of the way home. I reminded myself of something Coach Jack told us when we started the training program: Walk is not a four-letter word.

On my way up the driveway, I checked my mailbox and was pleasantly surprised to see a $50 donation to my fundraising campaign. It reminded me that I still have $2,000+ to raise, so I dropped another 60 letters in the mail today.

For the rest of the day, I've made note of the increasing ache in my knee. Maybe I overdid it. I have been known to do that before. Sometimes a bit to ambitious and too much of an over-achiever.

I've popped several Advil today to help deal with the pain and am looking forward to the ice pack that awaits me tonight.

My plan is to take it easy for the next couple of days, maybe take a few walks and ease back into a run.

No need to risk further injury. Plenty of time 'til Disney.


Have you donated to my fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? If not, please consider doing so. You can donate online at Please pass this link to everyone you know. Every dollar helps me get a little closer to the Disney 13.1!


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  1. I'm glad you realize that you can sometimes try to overdo. You do come by it honestly though. It's in your genes.Better to ease back into runnung than risk further injury. Dad and I are really proud of you and the way you have embraced this challenge. Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark in your fundraising goal. Love Mom


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