Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mama's Kicks

I finally used the Runner's Alley gift certificate my parents gave me for my birthday in July.

I had intended on using it to partially pay for a fancy new Garmin watch that would keep track of my distance, speed and a whole host of other stats.

I held off on the purchase for a while, perhaps because I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that kind of money on a watch, perhaps because I wasn't sure that I wanted to actually know that much information and perhaps because I realized it was a "want" rather than a "need."

So today, when I found myself with few extra minutes between meetings, I traded the gift certificate for what might be my most important purchase for the marathon - a new pair of running shoes.

Definitely a "need," as I've noticed the treads on my current ones starting to wear terribly. They've also developed a hole right above my big toe on my right foot. They've long surpassed the runner's guidelines to replace shoes every 300-500 miles or every three months. (I got them in February and I don't know how many miles ago.)

Well worn, well loved, they served me well in my training.

I replaced them with the same model as I've been running in for a while now - Asics 2140s. The only change is the color, which is noted on the box as "Lightning and Quick Silver."

Someone once told me the color of a bike will actually make you go faster. I don't know if I quite believe that, but if my "lightning and quick silver" shoes don't make me go fast, I don't know what will.

At the very least, they'll get me across the finish line in style and comfort.


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