Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One In The Same

During the last few weeks leading up to the marathon, I remember feeling a sense of relief that after I crossed the finish line I could get back to running "for fun."

I was looking forward to not sticking to a specific training schedule, not stressing out if I didn't reach a certain mileage goal - basically to getting back to running because I "wanted to," not because I "had to."

The funny this is, just two weeks after the marathon, I'm beginning to realize that those might be one in the same after all.

My new tracking chart is filling up just as quickly as my marathon training chart did. I've increased my visits to spin class (although that's partly because the days are getting regrettably shorter), focused on quality runs and am looking forward to getting a double-digit jaunt in this weekend with Shawnna.

In fact, I even suggested to Shawnna that we meet early on Sunday to do a five-mile loop together in Portsmouth before running another six with the team. Yes, I am willingly suggesting leaving my house at 6 a.m. on a Sunday to run 11 miles.

We even threw out a suggestion to get back on the Manchester Marathon course on Thanksgiving morning - maybe the first half.

It's nice not to have the pressure of a "have-to" run, but it's even nicer when you realize you were doing what you "wanted to" all along.


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