Sunday, September 30, 2007

Do The Goo

You learn a lot about your body when you ask it do to things it's not used to doing.

This morning, for example, my body made it through an 8-mile run -- definitely something it's never been asked to do before.

Surprisingly, my body didn't seem to mind the distance. My feet didn't hurt, my knees didn't ache and I had more endurance than I expected.

I know it's because I'm doing it right -- following the training schedule, keeping hydrated and eating something like a PowerBar before the run. Plus, I'm diligent about stretching before and after the runs.

But as Dave and Scott, a couple of marathon alums, reminded us during this morning's run, I'll soon have to start learning how to keep my body going during the run.

Somewhere along the running route this morning, Dave and Scott reached into the pockets of their fuel belts (another distance running essential) and each pulled out a small foil packet.

"Have you guys tried goo yet?" one asked me and another teammate who was running in the group.

Neither of us had tried it. Just the name -- goo -- didn't make it sound like something we'd be eager to try.

Dave and Scott advised us to try it soon and get used to it before our races. Find flavors we like, find what works for us. We'll be happy that we did, they said. Our bodies will thank us.

"Goo" is actually spelled GU and is the brand name of an energy gel designed to keep your muscles going and mind alert during extended periods of exercise. (This morning's run lasted one hour and 25 minutes.)

Dave and Scott brushed over the basics of the science behind the substance -- something about your body only being able to provide a certain amount of energy and needing a quick fix along the way. They each took a shot of GU about 40 minutes into the run.

Curious, I later jumped online to learn more about the mysterious substance, learning quite a lot about how the body burns energy during exercise and probably adding a few new words to my vocabulary.

I also found a whole host of customer reviews on various websites. Depending on who you ask, GU is either the greatest product ever invented or something not fit to be consumed by humans.

Dave and Scott seemed to recommend it. And I know that my body will need something to help it going as our runs get longer.

Undoubtedly, GU will become just another part of my long runs. I just wish they had a better name for it.

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