Sunday, September 2, 2007

Going the Extra Mile

My training schedule had me set to do three miles in this morning's team run. As we approached the turnaround spot for the three-milers, our run coach, Jack, said it was time for me to turn around.

But I didn't want to stop just yet. I wanted to keep going.

I called ahead that I was going to keep going to the four-mile turnaround.

Amid the chit-chat with team members, the fresh coastal air and the almost perfect temperature, I reached the four-mile mark before I knew it. Jack ran up ahead and stopped just past the "4" and arrow he had marked in chalk on the pavement before the run.

He encouraged and praised us as we crossed the road to finish the final two miles.

We turned around, running at a slow and steady pace. My teammate Mira and I were the first ones back this morning. Jamie was right behind us.

As we finished the last few feet of the run, Bob (another Team in Training volunteer and supporter) slowly drove his pick-up truck beside us. He turned the music up louder and, with the sounds of "Black Betty" coming from the stereo, helped us finish the run strong.

Soon, the rest of our team members (those doing the five-mile loop) made it back to the school where we start and end our Sunday runs. We gathered in a circle and started stretching.

And we talked.

We talked about how much progress we've already made.

We talked about the feeling of accomplishment when you run farther than you ever have before.

We talked about how good it feels to mentally set a point at which you would allow yourself to walk but you decide to keep on running when you reach that spot.

We even talked about what training runs we would want to do after we complete our marathons and half-marathons.

We all left energized and making plans for our next run. Jamie and I made plans to meet up during the week for a run, and she suggested that we find a 5K to run soon. I came home and emailed her a list of upcoming races.

What a difference having a motivating team, coaches and other supporters makes in this program. I guess that's why it works.

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  1. On Friday I was left with some disappointment when I didn’t have a blog to read when I arrived at work. I felt that reading a blog first thing in the morning would be great way to end the work week, but nothing, just disappointment. Don’t think this disappointment lasted long for rumors were that you would be leaving work early to head back home to run for you knew it was the right thing to do. Rumor also stated you would go home to run since you were heading the fair that evening and would indulge in some not so good, health wise good, food. Well, much to your surprise you were unable to go to the fair for the “senseless” person you were going with decided to purchase a new vehicle. Why you ask, that is a very good question for a new vehicle was not needed, guess it’s just one of those spur of the moment decisions he makes. Who knows, it could be the overwhelming inspiration you provided by heading home to run, inspiring him to do something off the cuff as well.

    Yesterday afternoon as I sat at my parents being a glutton to the supreme pizza, perhaps four slices, I receive this text, ran four miles today instead of three. How impressed I was, so much so that I quickly finished my fourth slice and justified it to myself as a well balanced meal containing, vegetables, bread, dairy, and don’t forget the fruit – yes tomato is a fruit. Okay, did I really justify it to myself so I would feel better, not so much but for a moment it felt good. Well, I was truly inspired, I went to bed early and woke to the sun shining in my room knowing today was going to be the day Bogey and I went for our adventure. We made sure we did our morning stretching before doing anything to adventurous like our walk. Off we went, Bogs taking in the sounds and scents of the world around us and me listening to 2Pac, Def Leppard, Poison, 50Cent, BNL and Celtic Woman to name a few. It was a nice morning for a walk, perhaps longing than Bogs wanted but he walked on like a champ just the same, walking 2 miles downhill, 1 mile on a fairly flat road and just over 2 miles back up hill. Yes, we managed despite all the healthy eating of yesterday. Boy do we feel good now, perhaps he feels better since he’s been sleeping for the past hour…..


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