Monday, January 11, 2010

2,010 in 2010

One of my personal challenges for this upcoming year is to do run/bike 2,010 miles in 2010. If you break it down, it comes to a little less than 40 miles a week. Or about 5.5 miles per day. Of course, that's assuming that you run or bike every day of the year. (We all know that's not happening - and probably shouldn't happen)

I figure I'll use this spot to give weekly updates - helps track my progress and serves as motivation as I see myself getting closer to the goal. Here's where I'm at now:
  • Run: 25.79 miles
  • Bike: 21.54 miles
  • Total: 47.33
  • Miles to go: 1,962.67 (!)
And, for my other weekly check-in, here's where I'm at:
  • Weight: 141.5 lbs
  • Week Gain/Loss: 0 lbs
  • Total Gain/Loss: -3 lbs
  • Activities: 22m running, 16 m bike
  • Notes: Honestly, quite frustrating. Despite the fact that I'm not really "supposed" to do many mid-week weigh-ins, I couldn't resist jumping on the scale a few times this week. I've really been watching what I eat and boosted up my running mileage a bit this week, so I thought I might see some payoff. And I did. One day a came in at 140 pounds. A day or so later, I was 138 - officially below the Filly Line. (A friend spelled it as "Philly" in a recent tweet - and I think I'm going to adopt that spelling. Less horse-like and just cooler. Kinda like spelling "fat" with a "ph.") Anyway, some mid-week loss made me anxious to see what Monday was going to bring for my official check-in. Needless to say, I was disappointed to see the same number as last week. Guess it just means I have to focus a little more and work a little harder. Sigh.

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