Monday, January 4, 2010

I Don't Wanna Be A Filly!

For the past several Mondays, I've been doing a weekly check-in on my progress (and sometimes lack thereof) of shedding a few of these extra pounds.

Well, something happened today that pushed that brief, bullet-form update into a full-blown post.

I've been looking for a good winter challenge - something that would give some focus to my training during these months when finding motivation might be a little tougher.

That challenge, in previous years, has come in the form of the Hampton Half Marathon. But I was looking for something a little different.

I mentioned the Hyannis Half Marathon to TC to see if he'd be interested in making a weekend trip to the Cape. As luck would have it, he knows an innkeeper there so it's a good excuse for him to go for a visit (and possibly get a discounted room). Plus, the Hyannis race includes a 10K - and TC's game to run it.

Things were shaping up for a fun weekend together.

Today, before either of us changed our minds, I jumped online to sign us up. I filled in the usual stats (name, address, age, etc.) and proceeded through the registration process. Near the end, I saw a listing of categories for the heavier-than-average runners - the kind that get put into their own category and who don't compete against the other runners.

The Clydesdales and the Fillies.

Yes, folks, horses. Horses! And not the compact, speedy kind, like Mustangs. Nope, big, lumbering horses that are used to do farm work, pull wagons and things like that. (At least "fillies" are a little more refined. But still, what woman wants to be equated to a horse?!)

Actually, I know some runners who fall into these categories and enjoy the narrowed competitive field. After all, they have a much better chance of winning "something" in this category than against the whole field of racers.

Not me. I don't care about winning - at least when it comes to running.

I race against myself, against my last time and toward my own personal time goals. I don't really care who finishes in front of me (unless it's a 70-something, seemingly out-of-shape fella crossing just steps ahead of me at the Finish Line - that kinda irks me. See photo to the right on this blog).

The point is, I don't want to be in the category.

And today's rude awakening is that I am in this category. Fillies weigh in at 140 pounds or more.

This morning, I weighed in a 141.5 pounds. Sure, it was a half-pound lighter than last week. But that half-pound achievement is overshadowed, at least in my own warped mind, by the fact that I'm one-and-a-half pounds into the Filly category. (Yes, I'm freaking out over a pound-and-a-half.)

What does this mean? Well, a few things...

First, you can bet I'm gonna work by a** off (literally) to get below that 140 threshold. And quickly.

And secondly, there's no way on God's Green Earth that I'm going to be over 140 pounds on race day, Feb. 28. I don't care if I have to cut my arm off (okay, I wouldn't go that far), I ain't racing in that category.

Thanks, Hyannis, for lighting a fire under me!

While I'm at it, I might as well provide the standard weekly update.
  • Weight: 141.5 lbs
  • Week Gain/Loss: -.5 lbs
  • Total Gain/Loss: -3 lbs
  • Activities: 14m running, 5m bike

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  1. based on the photos to the right, I would NOT compare you to a they take into consideration height? I mean, what if you're a woman who's 6'4" and weigh 145?


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