Monday, January 7, 2008

The Last Mile

Our team training is official over.

The small team of three ran our final miles together yesterday, enjoying every step of the route.

I had the chance to run and chat with Kara more than I have in previous runs. It was nice to take the scenic route along New Castle Beach, despite the ice and snow.

We made our way along the New Castle Loop and talked about how far we'd come in just a few months. We talked about how Coach Jack and Dave give more support than they probably realize.

We're anxious for this weekend's run -- the Real Thing. I'm filled with excitement, something I rarely admit or show. I really can't wait to get there, to run the 13 miles and to achieve something I never thought possible.

As we stopped at the Old Mobil for a quick water break on Sunday, I realized that
this will be the last run as a team. The next time I will see these girls will be our bags will be packed.

"See you at the airport," I told the girls as I turned the corner to make the final mile back to the school.

As much as I enjoyed the first five miles with Kara, it was nice running that last mile by myself.

My running felt better than it had in a while, probably due in part to the warmer weather. I had done six miles without a problem. I ran the last mile faster and stronger than the previous five.

It was a great feeling crossing my imaginary finish line at the school. There was no cheering crowd, no timers, no cameras, no celebration at the end.

It was just me, taking some quiet pride in how far I'd come.

Now I'm ready for the Big Finish at Disney. Bring on the crowds, the celebration -- and the medal.


Have you donated to my fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? If not, please consider doing so. You can donate online at Please pass this link to everyone you know. Every dollar helps me get a little closer to the Disney 13.1!



  1. When you cross the finish line on Saturday know that we will be cheering and congratulating you from across the miles. We had a send off family dinner last night but will definitely have another one to toast your achievement when you get home. Enjoy the sun, hoopla and cheering crowds, you've earned them. We are very proud of you. Love mom and dad.

  2. The day is soon approaching and how proud you must be that you have made it this far. I commend you on all your efforts, including the fundraising for such a great cause. As you know this event has significant meaning to my family since my sister-in-law battled Leukemia. Good Luck and I will be awaiting your arrival, perhaps not as excited as Rebel but excited just the same.


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