Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 12.5-Step Program

Every once in a while, amid the slew of online newsletters, blogs and other websites that get dumped into our inboxes each day, there's a little something that hits things right on.

Today's insight is brought to you by
Jeffrey Gitomer, an author and trainer focusing on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. Here are his 12.5 steps to commit to achieve.

1. Today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, especially where change or breaking a habit is concerned.

2. Develop a passion or an anger about your present situation. The only way to make the goal a reality is to get determined and create the inner energy.

3. Do it for the most important person in the world…YOU! Don’t do this for or against anyone but yourself.

4. Write down your exact plan. Detail both the actions you must take, and the rewards for achievement.

5. Set a time frame. The end is as important as the beginning.

6. Determine the daily dose. Just figure out what you need to achieve each day, and do that.

7. Look for substitutes (placebos or pacifiers). If you have to quit something, get a diversion to take your mind off of temptation.

8. Don’t quit just because you slip. If you fall off the (achievement) wagon, get back on.

9. Post your goals and achievements. Post-it note your goals on your bathroom mirror. After you achieve them, take them down and post them on your bedroom mirror. Look at your success every day.

10. It’s a day-by-day process. And if you do your daily bit-of-achievement, the passing weeks will bring you the prize.

11. Change other habits, so that one is not overpowering the other. Goals require change. Take the opportunity to make a few more.

12. Celebrate your victory. Ring bells, drink champagne from the winners cup, PARTY!

12.5 Grim reality is having a crisis occur that forces the commitment to be made. This can be anywhere from bombing the World Trade Center, to having a massive heart attack. Where crisis is not the best place to have commitment occur, it is certainly the best place to show how to take immediate action.

For the rest of Jeffrey Gitomer's post, click here.


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