Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2010's Checklist

People usually wait until January 1 to set out their resolutions for the year. I figure I'll get a month's head-start on everyone.

With the marathon challenge fully behind me, I'm finding myself facing those post-marathon "what's next" feelings that everyone warned me about.

After being so focused on attaining a difficult goal, they said, you'll find yourself looking for something new. It's true, marathon training required a lot of focus, a lot of dedication and, quite simply, a lot of time.

I had a specific training schedule - an easy reference chart to see what I should be planning for the day, week or upcoming months.

Without that now, I feel a slight sense of ... well, quite honestly, it's a hard feeling to explain. It's almost as if there's a void, as if I'm longing to know what I'm supposed to be doing and a need to consciously work toward a tangible goal.

I know I should just relax and enjoy the time without obligations or pressure to achieve, but instead I'll offer up my 2010 to-do's:
  • Run a sub-2-hour half-marathon.
  • Complete a Century Ride.
  • Incorporate one speed/interval session into weekly routine.
  • Get at least one pre-work run in each week.
  • Drop 10 pounds (and keep it off).
  • Enjoy 2010 as much as I did 2009.
Happy (early) New Year.



  1. How about enjoy 2010 more than 2009!


  2. Nice goals - all definitely doable! Go get 'em!


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