Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 6: Ho, Ho, Ho

  • Weight: 142.0 lbs
  • Week Gain/Loss: +1 lbs
  • Total Gain/Loss: -2.5 lbs
  • Activities: 11m running, 14m bike
  • Notes: Wasn't at all surprised to step on the scale this morning and see it tick up another pound. This week consisted of a 4-day Christmas stint, traveling from house to house, with seemingly endless amounts of food. I certainly would rather have had lost a pound, but I'm much more content to have chosen to have a happy, relaxing holiday with family without obsessing over what I was eating and worrying about losing that pound. Well worth it. And, although the scale is moving in the wrong direction, it's also giving me a good kick in the pants - and motivation to get back on track with what I'm eating. Hopefully I'll see those results soon.

1 comment:

  1. Keep your head in that good place... No obsessing. Weight loss is lifestyle might say a "marathon"... Maybe you didn't "run this mile" as fast as you would have liked, but you'll do better on others and I'm confident that you'll attain your goal.

    ~ TC


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