Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Virtual Team

One of the coolest things about exploring the world of Twitter, blogging, Facebook and the other social media outlets is that you realize that you're not alone.

There's always someone out there pulling for you, cheering you on, supporting you. There's always someone working toward something, just like you are.

I admit that I haven't jumped all the way in to this Twitter-verse yet, just dipped my toe in and watched others swim from afar.

And watched them achieve. Again and again. And again.

I am impressed by what they do -- not only by what they accomplish, but by the support and camaraderie they demonstrate. Remember, most of them have never even met. It's likely they may never meet.

Every I time I do venture a little something -- a comment, a blog post, a call for advice -- it makes me want more. It makes me think I can do more.

In the list of today's Tweets was a real gem, the kind I couldn't take my eyes off of and the kind that reminds me why I love runners.

A fellow runner, known to most only by her Twitter name, was working toward completing 1,000 miles for the year. A group of enthusiastic, supportive runners joined in to help, some offering to complete 105 miles by the end of the month - just as this other runner had to do to get to the 1,000-mile mark,

They didn't just run. They shared their runs, their thoughts and their encouragement - all in video format. How incredibly moving and, well, totally cool.

It's been Tweeted and shared (via Daily Mile - something else I think I'll work with in 2010) by a few people. I'll share one of them here, perhaps a semi-plagiarized version of something someone else posted, I'm not sure.

The funny thing is, in this online community of running friends, it's not considered stealing. It's considering sharing. And now it's my turn. Enjoy.



  1. Love it...the Virtual Team...we're all members! Thanks for the shout out! Let us all know if you get to December 2010 and you and you're a few miles short. I know that BrklynRunner's Quest for 1000 was just as much motivation for me as I was motivation for her! Good Luck with 2000 miles!

  2. Awesome post - I just entered the on-line running world in 2009, and I'm really glad that I did. It truly is amazing, isn't it!



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